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Clear Vision Glass & Plastics has served our customers globally since 1998 and was founded by Russ Williams

      Our mission is to provide quality products and services to our customers. We strive to provide the most innovative cost effective solutions for your glass and plastic needs. With over 9 years experience in the glass and plastic industry we have the capability to handle all of your repair needs whether it be polishing, removal of scratches, trademarks, water spots or chemical damage we can help you.

          Clear Vision Glass & Plastics provides the first one step scratch removal and polishing system for the acrylics and transparent plastics used in the Aviation, Aquarium and Marine industries. We are providing companies like the Tennessee Aquarium, home of the largest freshwater aquarium in the world, with  faster and more efficient ways to remove scratches and maintain that polished look. We have provided zoos and leading restoration and maintenance companies with the solutions to effectively restore over 12900 pieces of glass. Since January 2003 we have provided service for the professional removal of trademarks and polished over 7000 pieces of glass for Carlex Glass Company in Vonore TN.

          At Clear Vision Glass & Plastics, we strive to provide our customers with knowledgeable consultants, the best equipment available and unsurpassed technical support.  Other companies sell you equipment but at Clear Vision Glass & Plastics, we don't just sell equipment we provide quality service and solutions from start to finish.

 (USA) 1-423-253-3380  or International  rmwglass@tds.net

Clear Vision Glass & Plastics
is the leading provider of all your glass and plastic repair needs. Whether it be do it yourself scratch repair kits and polishing kits or professional contracting services, you will find it here. The kits allow you to polish,  remove scratches, remove trademarks, remove water spots and remove chemical damage on transparent plastics and glass.  They can be used on windscreens, glass, aircraft canopies, public aquariums, personal custom aquariums, auto headlights, motorcycle or boat windscreens hockey rinks and other transparent plastics such as acrylic, Plexiglasâ„¢ or Lexanâ„¢.

       We distribute plastic polish, glass polish , polishing pads, polishing discs, hook and loop backer pads, scratch removal compounds and many other polishing tools and supplies. One Step Scratch Removal and Polishing System for the acrylics and transparent plastics used in the aviation, aquarium and boating industries. 404 Not Found

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(USA) 1-423-253-3380  or International  rmwglass@tds.net

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(USA) 1-423-253-3380  or International  rmwglass@tds.net

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